Our Story

Our Story

Incraftables® is a modern Arts & Crafts supplies company based out of Cooperstown, New York, founded by parents of two young crafters, Mallory and Stuart Schultz. We pride ourselves on our premium products as well as our community of crafters. We carry a wide array of today’s most popular crafting supplies, as well as those hardest to find. We have the products you need for your next creative project.

Meet our TEAM

Aditya Patel

Aditya might be a newby to crafting, but he's an expert at making products available to consumers online. he is excited to take this crafting journey with Incraftables!

Christina Kwiek

Christina is a color-inspired freelance designer + artist. She loves creating packaging, branding, lettering + illustrations, and is an avid maker of crafts + DIY projects.

Kelley Dillon

Kelley is an interdisciplinary artist and designer. She loves everything creative -- whether that's graphic design, fashion, painting, or whatever else sparks her interest.

Vicki Smith

Vicki is a busy mother of two who loves her iced coffee no matter what the weather is. Also a children's pastor who loves planning kids events for the community!

Stuart Schultz

As a father of two crafty kids, Stuart was always surprised at the lack of quality of crafts supplies from major websites and big-box stores; Incraftables was born!

Mallory Schultz

Let's be honest, Mallory is really the one who was sourcing arts and craft supplies for the Schultz kids. She knew she could do better.

Adrienne James

Council Coordinator
Adrienne, a former teacher at a fine arts studio, is passionate about creativity and building brands through cultivating communities.