4 Fun and Creative DIY Project Ideas Using Crafting Beads

4 Fun and Creative DIY Project Ideas Using Crafting Beads

4 Fun and Creative DIY Project Ideas Using Crafting Beads

It is no secret that leveraging high-quality crafting beads like the crackle ones Incraftables provides are perfect for taking on tons of fun and creative DIY project ideas. Coming in 24 colors, 50 pieces each, and even featuring elastic string make this a second to none boredom busting resource that offers the necessary equipment to develop beautiful crafting outcomes.

Now, before you jump into the all too common jewelry making route (which is still perfectly fine to do!), know that there are so many other DIY project ideas out there that can really broaden your creative outlets to whole new levels.

Ready to check them out?

1. Crackle Bead Hanging Backdrop

If you have a blank wall or a closeted area you want to close off artistically, then making a crackle bead hanging backdrop or curtain is an excellent creative idea to take on. You can design the colors however you want, make it as long or wide as you wish, and can obtain that desired splash of color your home needed.

2. Beaded Bookmarks

Do you love to read? If so, think about upgrading your bookmark game by making your own! You can either use ribbon as the base or think about investing in a basic metal bookmark to deck out with beads. You can also add some extra pieces along with it for even more personalization, such as charms and lettered beads to write your name with. For this one, the possibilities are endless, and there is certainly no right or wrong way to it. As long as it reflects who you are and is meaningful to you, then you've succeeded.

3. Beaded Wind Chimes

Sure, you can go out and find some lovely wind chimes to decorate your landscape with, but making one or many yourself makes the appeal that much more personal. There are so many different ways you can go about making a beaded wind chime. If you want to make noise, think about incorporating some metal pieces in-between the beads. Furthermore, if you want it to look more traditional than modern, try using a wooden plank or a tree stick as the hanging base instead of a metal one. Again, you have the ultimate freedom when it comes to the design. Just do what you think is best for you and your creative vision.

4. DIY Beaded Coasters

For this craft, you will need to get a cork round, a glue gun, and elastic string, which you can have the peace of mind knowing comes with the Incraftables crackle bead kit. Picking any design and colors you want, string the beads in the measured circumference of the cork round you get. When done and tied off, hot glue the beads starting from the center and work your way out. If measured correctly, you should end with a perfect circle with a colorful design and slip-proof bottom for your cups to rest on.

Conclusion – Time to Get Creative with Incraftables!

There you have it! Though crafting beads are typically associated with jewelry making, understand that those powerful little crystal gems can offer so much more than just spicing up your wardrobe or making cute pieces for kids. Keep in mind that if jewelry is your go-to craft, then, by all means, go for it! Overall, the Incraftables team is here to empower you to let your creativity shine and give you the proper equipment to make that happen.

As a final note, always remember that you don't need to be a crafting expert in order to take on these fun and creative DIY project ideas. All you need is the desire to be creative and the right crafting beads to ensure you can have beautiful outcomes every time.

Have fun!