Crafts with Paper Punches and Fancy Edged Scissors

Crafts with Paper Punches and Fancy Edged Scissors

Crafts with Paper Punches and Fancy Edged Scissors

With craft paper punches, fancy edged scissors, and colorful paper, there are so many options for creative projects. All ages can get involved with these supplies like adding delicate touches to photo albums, greeting cards, memory books, gift tags and many more! Or, make crafts that are centered around the use of the paper cut outs and fancy scissors. Weather simple crafts or complex, keep reading to be inspired by the creative crafts using the paper punches, colorful craft paper, and fancy edged scissors.   

Creative Confetti 

Creating confetti has never been easier or more customized than making your own. Hole punches can cut out specific shapes to fit your desired theme. Then choose the type of paper to display the colors that stand out to you. Layer up a few pieces of tissue paper to cut several shapes at once and save time in your confetti creation process.

Confetti and Craft Paper Creations

An abstract and fun piece of art can be attained by those of all ages using a few crafting supplies and contact paper. By following the same process of creating confetti, simply lay the cut outs on contact paper. Then fold over the paper to keep every beautiful piece together. Follow the full tutorial found on ­­­Laughing Kids Learn to create a collection of confetti pieces and crafted paper that can stick around.

Confetti Poppers 

To step up the confetti craft a bit, take a look at these confetti poppers by Smashed Peas and Carrots. Take that beautiful confetti that you made with the paper cutters, and stuff these poppers to create an explosive celebration. Most of the items in this craft can be found around your home and recycled for this fun project which can be used over and over again!

Confetti Cards

Take the confetti craft one step further with a detailed and out of the box greeting card. These cards are not only extremely creative, the receiver will also notice how much love and care you put into their gift!  

Detailed Designs

How sweet are these butterfly cut outs? Small paper cut outs can add details to any craft, or stand out on their own. Shapes like birds, flowers, or butterflies can be displayed on a piece of wire and added to a bouquet of flowers, pencil holder, plant or garden, or any other place where you would like to add a little color and creativity. If you would like to use this craft for children, use a pipe cleaner, popsicle stick, or ribbon to attach onto the paper cut out, instead of wire.

Happy Trees

These paper trees are so delightful, and not too difficult to make. Additionally, they add to a pop of color to your home all year round. Simply cut different sizes of circles, turn them into cones, then use the paper cutters to create delicate details along the edges of the cone shape. Stack them together, and viola! You have gorgeous paper trees!