5 Fun and Unique Letter Bead Project Ideas

5 Fun and Unique Letter Bead Project Ideas

5 Fun and Unique Letter Bead Project Ideas

Whether your kids love to do arts and crafts or you can’t get enough of DIY projects yourself, these unique letter bead projects are sure to get those creative juice flowing.

Here, we’re sharing our favorite letter bead projects you can get started on today! 

Necklaces and Bracelets

Ok - maybe necklaces and bracelets made with letter beads aren’t the most unique ideas, but it’s the way you make them that matters.

Making DIY jewelry, whether for yourself or as a gift, is a special way to add your personal touch to your necklaces and bracelets. And it’s not only for kids - although kids, of course, love using letter beads and charms!

Little ones will love spelling their name and using crazy, colorful beads to make friendship bracelets with their buddies. Adults can take a more subtle approach with silver word charms and smaller decorative beads to make a trendy pendant necklace.

The beauty is that it’s all up to you. Letter bead necklaces and bracelets are the wearable way to embrace your personal style.


Picture Frames

Remember, beads don’t have to be threaded on a string in order to use them for a creative project. Try gluing them onto a picture frame to give as a priceless gift for mom or dad.

It’s a simple project that kids will love. All you need is some heavy-duty glue and a box of letter beads or word charms. Whether you add your family’s favorite Dr. Seuss quote or “I Love Grandma” to the frame, it’s sure to become a treasured possession.


Spelling Games

For parents and teachers, using letter beads for spelling games is a wonderful exercise to try. Just keep in mind that these games are better for older children. The letter beads are quite small and we don’t want any to end up in tiny mouths.

To play the game, you might call out a word and ask the child to search through their letter beads and practice how to spell that word.

You might help them sound it out first and then, they’ll either lay the letters out flat on a piece of construction paper or use a pipe cleaner to thread the letters in order.

Bonus! This particular letter bead activity is great practice for children’s fine motor skills!


Fridge Magnets

As kids, we loved those word fridge magnets that you could rearrange to make a funny sentence for all to see. Ok - we’ll admit it. We love them as adults, too! With letter beads, you can make your own fridge magnets. And since the letter beads are cubed shaped, they’ll be 3D and oh so much fun.

Simply get a few magnetic strips and cut them to the appropriate size. Grab your box of letter beads and let the fun begin.

Start out with the connector words like “and”, “with”, and “because”. Then, go crazy with everything else. Just make sure you have enough nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs to make it work. The funnier the better.


Place Cards & Napkin Rings

Make hosting dinner parties and your family’s Thanksgiving meal even more special with DIY napkin rings using letter beads and word charms.

Create “Tis the Season” napkin rings for your Christmas feast or make personalized ones with the names of each member of the family.

Using a bit of stretchy thread, add your letter beads and word charms. Then, tie each end of the thread together to form a small circle and wrap each one around your napkins for unique place settings.

Making DIY napkin rings a simple but special way to bring more cheer to the dinner table, no matter what the occasion.

Ready to get started? Check out our Incraftables letter beads and word charms to get started on these unique DIY projects today. It’s fun for all ages!