4 Charming, Charm Crafts

4 Charming, Charm Crafts

4 Charming, Charm Crafts

Not all that glistens is gold, but these gold antique charms provide shining fun for the whole family. Charms are the perfect accessory to make customizable jewelry that fits any style or taste. This blog post explains four charming crafts to create with the high-quality charms. However, these charms are far more versatile that these for craft below. Use the charms for DIY jewelry, bracelets, hair braids, anklets, home decoration, cloth chains, earrings, wrap bracelets, necklaces, crafting, keychains, and more!


Charm Bracelets

DIY bracelets are back. From simple threaded bands to letter beaded bracelets, these are making a revival in the fashion and craft world. A classic, the charm bracelet, is among these successful returners, and it is easy to see why there were, and are, so popular! Charms are an easy way to add some flair to your outfit, while showing off your own unique personality. These gold charms are our favorite to work with, as they are bold, yet timeless, and come in 100 different designs. Mix and match to your heart’s desire, and you can have a combination ready for any outfit or event.


Anywhere, Everywhere Charm Keychains

Charms look awesome on a bracelet, but their ability to add a touch of style extends beyond just jewelry. Your creativity is the only limit to the charms use! Spruce up a keyring with a charm, or use them to help identify between otherwise similar looking keys. Electronics can use a makeover too, and you can deliver with the help of charms. Hang one off your favorite phone case, and add some flair to your device. Thumb drives or tablet styluses also get an instant upgrade when you affix a charm to them. Almost any ordinary household item goes from commonplace to cute when a charm or two gets added!


Wine Glass

“Is this your glass or mine?” This dreaded question is usually followed by moments of silent indecision and then a random guess. Avoid this mishap of mistaken identity with this simple craft. Wire, and your favorite charms are all that are needed for this project that will adorn your wine glasses. Choose a unique charm and use the wire to affix it loosely around the stem of a wine glass, and fold over the ends of the wire to secure it. To add a splash of color, frame the charm with a bead or two on each side. If a holiday or birthday is coming up, these make for a great gift. Make a set of 4 or more, using charms that the recipient will love showing off at their next gathering.


Necklace and Earrings

These golden charms are so incredibly versatile, but what they do best is jewelry. Back in the realm of fashion, customizable charms like these are perfect for necklaces. No matter the outfit or the mood, you can find the perfect charm to match, or combine several to make a theme. You can try out different necklace types to go along with the charms. Use leather or cord for an earthy feel, and a metal chain for a fashion forward look. Don’t stop the charm party at just a necklace, add in some earrings to complete the set! Asymmetrical earrings are in, and charms are the perfect way to try out this hot style.


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Mariah Swigart is a teacher and craft enthusiast who has a passion for healthy lifestyle education. While busy lives make healthy choices more difficult, she believes that little actions play an important role in creating a healthier self. She shares researched crafts that provide fun and affordable creations to inspire and support vibrant and creative lifestyles.