Elastic String Cord Crafts

Elastic String Cord Crafts

Elastic String Cord Crafts

The uses of elastic string cord can be stretched to create so many different thoughtful and fun crafts. Keep reading to be inspired to create your own elastic string cord crafts.

Hanging Planer

Hanging planters are one craft that is not only very easy to make, they also look stylish. While the design is ideal for planters, this design can also fit home décor items, bird feeder blocks, books, rocks, and more. The cherry on top is that this craft is inexpensive. Simply use some elastic cord in the color of your choice. Then, follow the tutorial on Inhabitat.com to create your own!

Storage Container

Take any shape box and make it into a great storage container with the help of some elastic string cord. The elastic cord is perfect for plush toys that are easy to manipulate through small holes. Elastic cord also does a great job holding sport balls and other sport gear together. Check out House Full of Handmade to see how you can make a storage container with elastic cords like the one shown. You may just find that elastic cords were the missing piece to you home storage solutions.


Who ever said macrame had to be hard. With the rainbow macrame wall hanging, you can enjoy the beautiful colors and textures of elastic string cord. Choose the flower topping, cotton clouds, or simply use a rod to hold the cords and opt out of an elaborate topper. Whichever you prefer, use this craft to add a pop of color to your space.


These coasters are a fun project for the whole family. Use the elastic string cord to create colorful combinations of coasters. The best part is that coasters are as functional as they are fun to make!

Face Mask

Staying hygienic never looked so good. Use elastic cord to keep your ears comfortable, while also protecting yourself and others from getting sick. Skip to my Lou has a simplified process for making a face mask that will last. This craft will leave you with a handy and durable healthy accessory.

Braided Bracelets


There are hundreds of different ways to braid beautiful bracelets. It may seem overwhelming to know where to start. Wikihow has some easy guides on how to get started with a few simple braids. Braided bracelets are idea with elastic string cord because the bracelets can stretch to fit around the hand and slide onto the wrist with ease.

Braided Bracelets

Beaded bracelets are another approach to jewelry that is comfortable, customizable, and creative craft for the family. Choose from a variety of charms to make a bracelet for all ages!

Stretch your creativity and crafting even further with elastic string cord!