Crafts with Pom Pom Keychain Balls

Crafts with Pom Pom Keychain Balls

Crafts with Pom Pom Keychain Balls

Necklaces and Bracelets

The Pom Pom Keychain balls kit can obviously make pom pom keychains, however, there are so many more crafts that you can create with the supplies in the pom pom keychain balls kit. We will start with the simple process of creating the pom pom keychains. You can follow the step by step process on the Made in a Day blog. Then, keep reading to think outside the box, and add a pop of pom poms to your crafting!
Most of the following crafts require you to make the pom pom. With the pom pom keychain balls, the pom poms come premade so you can skip over that step in all of the tutorials below.

Cherry Pom-Pom Key Chain

If you wanted a project that is a little more creative and just as cute as an original pom pom keychain, take a look at this tutorial for cherry pom poms. Use red or pink pom poms to start. Then simply glue a stem and a couple leaves to the pom poms to create a cherry. Attach the chain provided in the Pom Pom Keychain Balls kit to turn the creative cherries into a cute accessory to go.

Plump Pig

This little guy is not only cute, he is also simple to make. Children of all ages can make this little character with the help of an adult by following the tutorial at

Ice Cream Dream

No matter the season, ice cream cone keychains do not go out of style. Instead of using felt balls as directed in the tutorial, use our pom poms for an extra full ice cream cone!

The Cutest Cup Cake  

Make a party even more festive by creating pom pom cupcakes. A few materials like scrapbook paper, glue and pom poms are all you need to create these cute and delicious decorations.

Party Hats  

Continuing our celebration theme, who doesn’t like fun party hats? Why not customize them based on your party theme. Choose the paper you would like to use for the hats, and the pom pom colors to make one of a kind party headwear.

Cozy and Colorful Wreath  

Nothing says a warm welcome like a pom pom wreath. This tutorial is easy to follow. Better yet, if you are using the pom poms in the keychain kit provided, you do not have to make your own pom poms. Skip to halfway down the tutorial and be on your way to creating a welcoming and whimsical wreath!

Fluffy Flowers and Twigs

Speaking of whimsical, check out these nature inspired crafts that use pom poms. Next time you are on a walk with the family, pick up a few sticks. Then simply glue the pom poms to either the tip of the stick to make a flower, or the middle of the sticks to give the appearance of branches with pom pom leaves. If you cannot find any sticks, simply use pipe cleaners instead.