Four Fabulous Crafts to Create with Letter Beads

Four Fabulous Crafts to Create with Letter Beads

Four Fabulous Crafts to Create with Letter Beads

Owning who you are, and expressing your passions is cooler now than it ever was! Others want to hear your opinions, see your flare on fashion, and relate to you just by what you are wearing. It is no surprise that graphic T-shirts are back in style and graphic jewelry is following suit, specifically letter beads. Letter beads are now for all ages, and the crafts that use letter beads are fun for all!


Letter Beaded Bracelets!

Letter bead bracelets are the classic letter beaded craft, and it is easy to see why. Letter bead bracelets are easy to make, require minimal materials, and they are timelessly stylish. There are also a variety of ways to style a letter bead bracelet to make your preferred look. Go bold with a bright colored beads around your chosen word, or choose neutral or earthy beads to surround your wrist. Then there is the choice of elastic band or tied cord when considering the materials, you want in your creation. Lastly, is the most important part, the word you choose to spell. Luckily, because letter beads are so affordable and a letter beaded bracelet is so easy, you can make several bracelets to express your mood, and mix up your style!


Kool Keychains with Letter Beads!

Whether you choose to spell “cool” with a “C” or a “K,” the spelling will be easy with a letter beaded keychain. Your creativity can take total control on these letter keychains because the possibilities are endless. All you need is some fishing line, the letter beads, and any other beads you want to include on the keychain. Make it into a long lanyard, or into a short little accessory to add a pop of color to your keys. Again, have fun and express yourself with the ability to add a powerful word that follows you around wherever your keys go.


Hang Words on Letter Earrings!

For those who are like me and spend their days in a school setting, there is nothing cooler than having an accessory that is specific to holiday or school spirit. Some sayings that are perfect to show off at school events are “game-day,” “vote-today,” and “I -heart bead- then your school initials”. For seasonal earring ideas there is always, “thanks-giving,” “merry-bright,” or “holly-jolly.” The hardware to make the earrings are affordable and can be found at any craft store. No matter what words you choose to put on display, these earrings are a statement piece that will be complimented throughout your day!


Pins to Place Your Message Anywhere!

If you love the idea of the custom phrases that follow you around all day, but are not a big fan of wearing jewelry, then pins are the perfect solution. All you need is a safety pin, letter beads, and your favorite saying. Then simply slide the beads onto the safety pin and find a spot you want to show off your work. Clip the stylish pin wherever you want and be on your way in style!

There are tons of craft options with letter beads and even more possibilities with what you spell out. Make letter beads for others or wear them for yourself. Letter beads are versatile, fun, and a statement piece for any craft.


About the Author

Mariah Swigart is a teacher and craft enthusiast who has a passion for healthy lifestyle education. While busy lives make healthy choices more difficult, she believes that little actions play an important role in creating a healthier self. She shares researched crafts that provide fun and affordable creations to inspire and support vibrant and creative lifestyles.