Four Pom Pom Crafts to Cheer For!

Four Pom Pom Crafts to Cheer For!

Four Pom Pom Crafts to Cheer For!

Crafting is more than just art. It is a stress reliever, a learning tool, a way to bond, and even a way to make a perfect handmade gift. Now, with kids spending time schooling at home, arts and crafts have seemingly fallen by the wayside. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way! With just a few basic supplies, crafting class can be in session at your home. Some of the most classic crafting staples are pom poms and googly eyes, and are the perfect building blocks for fun and cute projects. With a little bit of creativity, these simple pieces can be transformed into amazing crafts. We have chosen our four favorite crafts using googly eyes and pom poms and shared them with you. Choose your favorite, and get crafting!



Pom Pom Pals

The googly eyes have an amazing ability to give any object a “life-like” appearance. Add in some fluffy pom poms and you have a recipe for an afternoon of crafting animals. Begin by choosing your favorite animal, and choose something to adhere the eyes, and pom poms together. Pipe cleaners work well, and can also be used to create interesting animal shapes such as wings. Integral into a fun experience is experimenting with color combinations. Who says a tiger can’t be blue and orange, and that a caterpillar shouldn’t be rainbow colored? Your imagination is the limit here, just don’t forget to give your new pet a name! Our favorite animals to make are caterpillars, rabbits, and frogs.



Bookmark Buddies

Have you ever had a book you just can’t put down? We have too, (for us, its Debbie Chapman’s craft and activities book!) and sometimes we wonder where the time went while reading! When it finally is time to close the book, you probably save your spot with a bookmark. Well, say goodbye to a boring old paper placeholder, and make yourself a bookmark buddy. This bookworm’s best friend is a simple craft, and requires only a popsicle stick, pom pom, googly eyes, and glue. Combine those three elements with your preferred color and number of eyes. Viola, you have a bookmark buddy! Now if only we had three eyes, maybe we could read faster!



Egg-cellent Entertainment

Skip the mess of broken eggshells this Easter. Instead, grab your pom poms, googly eyes, and an old egg carton. You can use many different materials for the mouth, such as felt, paper, or even a bit of pipe cleaner. Don’t be afraid to have fun with different colored and sized chickens and chicks; let your creativity shine! Once these are done, you can play a fun game with the kids. Hide them around the house and have them use the carton as a way to store and count how many they have found.


3D Greeting Cards

Make your next birthday card pop with pom poms and googly eyes. While DIY cards are commonplace, take yours to the next level by adding a new dimension, and of course, lots of fun. The pom poms make thank you’s and congrats cards whimsical, while the eyes add a playful touch. Your custom and cuddly card is sure to bring a smile, just as your message in the card will warm someone’s heart. Now that’s a win-win!