Colorful Popsicle Sticks Crafts!

Colorful Popsicle Sticks Crafts!

Colorful Popsicle Sticks Crafts!

Popsicle sticks have been a crafting tool used for ages! It is easy to see why. There are seemingly endless opportunities for creative popsicles stick projects. To help spark some creativity in your crafting, there are several ideas for your next popsicle stick project with our colorful craft sticks. 

Rainbow Fun 

Learning colors or simply organizing them into a beautiful array never seemed so fun. Use the colorful craft sticks to arrange a rainbow. Then simply glue the sticks into place and add some cotton balls for clouds. Rain or shine, turn to this craft to add a little color to the day.


Bright Birdfeeder or Basket

Bring nature to you with this homemade and colorful bird feeder. While the project may look complex, the design and tutorial is easy to follow and a fun process for you to complete with your children. If you do not have birdseed, you could also fill the popsicle box with other items like candy, stickers, or small toys!

Make a Fish Friend

Let the creative color combinations begin for this fun under the sea themed craft. Use the craft sticks for the boarder of the fish, then apply paper or felt to the inside of the popsicle sticks. Recreate your favorite fish like Nemo and Rainbow Fish, or create a brand new fish friend.

Chick Stick Craft 

If you or your child prefer land animals, or you have a favorite chick like Chicken Little or The Little Red Hen, this chicken craft is for you!  Choose the color of your chicken from the colored craft stick, then simply add paper or felt to the center of the triangle, just like with the fish craft. The added details of the head, feet, and wings will make the craft that much more fun and really tie the chicken together.

Dog Gone Cute Popsicle Craft

Using the tutorial from Mini Kid Zone, you can be selective on the type of popsicle dog you want to create. There are several styles to choose from. Then, selecting the color of the craft sticks, and the added details are merely the cherries on top! Creating these different animal popsicle stick creations are excellent for reenacting a story by using popsicle stick characters!

Beautiful Bookmarks

Speaking of reading, it’s important to not lose your spot while reading those books about fish, chicks, and puppies. Create a fun bookmark pal to help you with keeping your place and following the text. Start with the colored craft sticks, then add details of pom poms, pipe cleaners, eyes, and other fun details. These popsicle sticks are great to point to each word on the page as your child is reading, which will help them track where they are. Of course, slide these pals into the pages of the book when you are done, and your child will be excided to reach for their reading pal next time they grab that book!

Soar with Popsicle Airplanes

Not only are these popsicle airplanes fun to play with, they also look really cool! Create these planes with the simple materials of colorful craft sticks, close pins, and craft markers for added detail.

Magical Mini Outdoor Room

Have you ever wanted to add a little magic to your garden or yard? Create this simple popsicle stick door and glue it to the base of a tree. The little addition of this door will create a big impact in your outdoor space, and many stories about the fairies or mice that may be sleeping inside.

Fancy Flowers

No plants in your garden? No problem! Create your own beautiful flowers with colorful craft sticks, glue and buttons! The photo is easy enough to follow, but you can check out Preschool Crafts for Kids to see the full tutorial.

Not so Creepy Crawlers

Continuing our theme of outdoor colorful popsicle crafts, we have an insect themed craft next. Don’t worry these insects don’t bite and they are not creeping. Instead, they are cute, colorful and can help teach your child about the different types of bugs.

Have Fun Crafting!

The versatility and creativity of colorful popsicle sticks do not end. Use the handful of craft ideas in this article to springboard you and your family into a whole new world of fun with popsicle sticks.